Home Care Business with DMV

DMVCG offers a plethora of personal care business consulting services, and is at the forefront of making people business owners in the DMV. So, why start a personal care business now?

According to the US. Census Bureau; the aging of the US population will have wide-ranging implications for the United States. As the US ages over the next several decades, its older community will become more racially and ethnically diverse.

Projecting the size and structure, regarding age, sex, race, and Hispanic origin, of the older population, is essential to public and private interests, both socially and economically. The anticipated growth of the older people (a.k.a. Baby Boomers) is real. In the United States, it is projected that by 2030,approximately 20% of our population will be aged 65 and older – presenting challenges to policymakers and programs, including Social Security and Medicare.

It will also affect families, industries, and healthcare providers. The statistics, by itself, characterizes a present and future demand for personal care businesses, of all types. This, in part, may also explain why nurses and other healthcare professionals are our primary clientele.

This, alone, will give rise to the need for; far more personal care businesses such as group homes, home care agencies, adult day programs, supported employment agencies, and a host of other business like these. They would help sustain this population, and keep them within the community where they desire to live.And not in a hospital, nursing home, or institution.

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