Nurses Should Fire Their Boss

Many nurses, experienced or not, regularly think about staring their own business, but rarely go through with it. Most of them are under the impression that they lack the basic skillset needed to become entrepreneurs. Some lack the confidence, while others are just overwhelmed with being the head of the household. However, while there may be some truth to each of these possibilities; it has been my experience that nurses have all they need to become successful business owners.

So why should nurses fire their bosses?

TECHNICAL SKILL AND MEDICAL KNOWLEDGE: A nurse’s training covers pretty much all the basic ideas of technical knowledge and patient care concepts necessary for; running personal care businesses,such as a group home or a home care agency. In addition to that, working under the supervision and guidance of doctors would influence a nurse’s medical knowledge and understanding to a vast extent.Thus, gives them a superior level of insight into care delivery and leadership.

They may not be able to treat diseases by prescribing medications or performing surgeries, but nurses can very well; diagnose, read symptoms, and suggest diet plans, based on a medical condition. They could, even, coordinate care for other providers.  This gives nurses a powerful advantage over others;makes them quite independent, and capable of starting a personal care business venture of their own and being successful.

LINING THE POCKETS OF OTHERS WITH THEIR SWEAT EQUITY: Working as a nurse in a hospital is likely to have them tied up for 8-9 hours daily. However, the actual jobs require much less time to accomplish.Being an entrepreneurial nurse, you can take due advantage of that time and channel it into making your own business more productive, and financially, rewarding.

For example, a nurse working in a reputed hospital may make about $150 to $200-a-day.Whereas, the same nurse can make up to $1500-each-day, by owning a home care, group home or adult day program. In addition to the financial benefits;there’s the reward attached to caring for special-needs people, such as those with challenging behaviors, PICA, medical issues, or even Autism.

So, if you’re a nurse and are having cold feet in your struggle, and decision, to get started on your own business venture, the timing cannot be more right. Give yourself a nudge and get started today!

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