DMV Consulting Group has written numerous Transition Service Agreements (TSA) for the assisted living facilities. TSA isused to improve business outcomes. DMV Consulting Group, LLC providescustom TSAs for businesses such as assisted living facilities, home care agencies, adult day programs, group homes, and more.

What should an assisted living facility transitional service agreement contain?  It should include the scope of work being offered, along with requirements for privacy and data security, record access, third party vendor, and payee identification and access. DMV consulting Group, LLC offers the proficient service to accurately complete this very important document.Many lawyers fail to understand the internal processes and procedures of residential facilities; especially, when it comes to writing the initial agreement thoroughly and effectively.  Most lawyers have a limited training to thoroughly understand the operational framework of licensing, certifying, billing, accreditation, and running the day to day affairs of personal care businesses, such as, assisted living facilities, DD group homes, home, and companion care agencies or adult day programs.  This knowledge is critical in writing an effective assisted living transitional service agreement.  We guarantee accountability that holds the other parties to their obligations, which protects the purchaser from inheriting bad debt and prevents the seller from fiscal negligence.

DMV Consulting Group specialize in writing assisted living facility transitional service agreements and TSAs for a plethora of other personal care business models.  In fact, we have written hundreds of agreements in many different states and our team can help make your purchase and transition seamless and most importantly, secure.  We start with a developmental consultation to support your team’s understanding of the framework and TSA requirements, then collectively we move into a collaborative contract.  Call us today at: 1.800.214.2611 receive get a consultation to discuss your vision for a successful assisted living transitional services agreement. Visit us at: