Consults & Support Services


Our management consulting services focus on our clients' most critical issues and opportunities including strategy, marketing, organization, operations, technology, transformation, digital, advanced analytics, corporate finance, mergers & acquisitions and sustainability across the personal care business industry.

We bring deep, functional expertise, but are known for our holistic perspective: we capture value across boundaries and between the silos of any organization. We have proven a multiplier effect from optimizing the sum of the working parts, not just the individual pieces.


  • In Office Project Strategy
  • DD/ID Group Home
  • Children Residential Home
  • Medical Home Care Agency
  • Non-Medical Home Care Company
  • Adult Day Program
  • Medicaid Waiver Consult
  • Buying an Existing Home Care
  • Buying an Existing Group Home
  • Supportive Employment Agency
  • Job Coaching Agency
  • Community Integration Program
  • Transportation Program
  • Behavioral Health Agency
  • Individual Provider of Nursing Services
  • Individual Provider of Behavioral Services

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Business Models

  • Specialty Group Homes
  • Prader-Willi Residential Home
  • Companion Care Company
  • Health Product Store
  • Adult Day Programs
  • Children Residential
  • Personal Attendant Care
  • Community Living Arrangement
  • Assisted Living Facility
  • Supported Employment
  • Private Home Care Agency
  • High-Tech Infusion

Research & Document Origination | $1550

So, you’re ready to start your personal card business? Quality research provides evidence that is robust, ethical, stands up to scrutiny and can be used to inform policy making. It should adhere to principles of professionalism, transparency, accountability and auditability however, in this 21st century finding the money first is paramount to success.

Facilitated by with one of our personal care business team members this service can help save you time, money and frustration in the long and short run of your project.

This consult is the next and serious step toward getting your program started. It entails program research and document origination in preparation for application filing in Any state.  Such research may entail a review of start-up, licensing and certification requirements, process and compilation of relevant documents and application and checklist requirements. 

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Program Design | $89

Comprehensive program design and effective program implementation can ensure long-term success.  DMV Consulting Group of experts are ready to get you up and running while ensuring that you fully understand the day-to-day requirements of your developed program.

Our unique combination of skills lets us help clients with thinking through program design aspects in a very methodical manner.  This strategic process covers various programming matters to include population served, care coordination efforts, services offered, organization set-up, staffing pattern, emergency preparedness plan and strategy, marketing, funding initiative and implementation plan.

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Simple Floor Plan | $350

Floor plans are a visual depiction of a room or building scaled and viewed from above the drawing. The floor plan may depict an entire building, one floor of a building, or a single room. It may also include measurements, furniture, appliances, or anything else necessary to the purpose of the plan.

Floor plans are used to help design furniture layout, wiring systems, and much more. They’re also essential to getting your residential home and other settings licensed as they are required and a part of the licensing process.

The plans we create are drafted from your hand drawing typically. What we require is room layout, dimensions and location of all essential elements to be included in the drawing such as vents, beds, smoke detectors, fire extinguishers, windows etc.  Once purchase is made, you may then submit your hand drawings to our office by clicking on “Share Documents” below.

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Simple Site Plan | $550

A higher level of detail for permitting of both residential and commercial properties.

Using the most recent satellite imagery and cross referencing it with county parcel maps, and GIS we will draw a detailed site plan of your property showing all EXISTING (visible via satellite) landscaping, such as structures driveways, pathways, patios, gazebos, grass, trees, structures, swimming pool, sheds, Parking spaces etc. 


If you would like to add a structure that is not currently on the property please select the option below "Add Non-existing feature"

*Please verify with your building department that they DO NOT require that your site plan be prepared by a Surveyor, Architect, or Engineer. We are a Drafting Firm and do not stamp plans. 


Examples of Use for this Drawing:

  • Applying for a building permit for a new outdoor structure
  • Applying for a demolition permit for the demolition of your house or another structure
  • A swimming pool removal or remodel
  • A road map for having yard word done. Mark up your instructions to avoid any confusion.
  • Conditional Use Permit for Commercial Properties
  • Having encroachment issues with a neighbor? Submit a drawing of the overhanging encroachment to the city as an exhibit
  • Thinking of re-doing your landscape? Start with this plan to begin your process of what to keep and what to eliminate


  • Property Lines
  • Primary Structure
  • Lot Dimensions
  • North Arrow
  • Scale
  • Measurements Between Major Features
  • Trees
  • Swimming Pool
  • Accessory Structures
  • Landscape
  • Driveway
  • Paths
  • Shrubs
  • Lawn
  • Roofline
  • Parking Spaces

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Professional Resume | $350

Resume writing styles and formats are constantly changing and evolving; the artistry of creating a professional cover letter and job-winning resume takes skills and expertise that DMVCG team house and have utilized for years.


DMVCG will provide a professional and achievement-based resume and cover letter utilizing industry-specific keywords to highlight your unique selling points while presenting it in a visually appealing format. This resume will demonstrate your suitability for the position and connect your personal skills and qualifications to the employer’s needs.

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Reference Letter | $250

Do you need to write a letter of reference for a colleague, employer, employee or friend and you cannot just put all your wonderful memories or qualities of the person in writing? These letters can be a challenge to whip up—particularly when you want to craft something that's well-written, personalized and truly does that former employee justice. But, stress no more! Those requests no longer need to send you into a tailspin or get you nervous.

Our team written hundreds of professional recommendation letters to help provider show their skills and expertise and we can help you.

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Application & Checklist Review | $450

Do you understand the value of having your personal care business application and checklist professionally reviewed? How sure are you that your applications are correct when they are screened or that you have satisfied the requirements? At DMVCG, we know that poorly prepared applications are the #1 reason for rejection. Many potential providers are unaware of each state application process or how to navigate through them properly and for various reason this could be the case.

application review

In our opinion, submitting a close to perfect application the first time is the most important factor in the licensure and certification process. Most state agencies are now using point systems, along with human eyes, to score your application and reject it, if not following the strict standards outlined. Having inaccuracies, misinterpretations, and improper documents or labeling of policies can hinder your chances at getting your application accepted causing you more time and money. The way you complete your application and checklist tell the receiving state agency how well you comprehend and follow instructions.  Yes! Indeed, it send a message to the state agency of how well you might run your agency.

We have reviewed thousands of applications over the years. Without reservation, our team collectively agrees that many of those applications would never receive respect or movement as would they had received a professional review. We will review application and checklist yours line by line in extreme detail, which is invaluable towards reaching your ultimate goal and provider you with written feedback.  Not that’s valuable!

When your application and checklist get screened, how sure are you it is correct? Here is your chance to improve your chances of getting it accepted the first time around.  What are you waiting for? Schedule the service, submit your documents and receive your results!

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